Surge in demand for flails in Lochaber

"My customers are delighted with the finish it leaves"

It’s been a bumper year for mini flails, Kenneth Maclennan Contracting and Leven Homes are two Lochaber businesses who have recently taken delivery of new Femac T3-90 flails from HHH Equipment.

Kenneth Maclennan Contracting undertake private and estate work around the Ardnamurchan peninsula, many of these works are around estate lodges where the job needs done swiftly with little disturbance. The Femac T3 lends itself well to this task, a quality Italian built flail which can be adapted to cut grass or mulch up to 50mm material. Kenneth explained; “so far I’ve been cutting gorse, bracken, heather, whins and broom, the verges along the front of my house.. I've even tackled my neighbours bush! Nothing is safe at the moment!”

Speaking further on his latest purchase, Kenneth Maclennan said; “I hired one of these from HHH a while ago, I was that impressed with it I placed an order for one. My customers are delighted with the finish it leaves and the places I can get it into on my ZX30 Hitachi. Maintenance and greasing is simple, just two pumps at each end and I'm done”


"An excellent addition to our attachment arsenal"

Leven Homes took delivery of an identical unit for their CAT 302.5. Established in 2004, Leven Homes hold a diverse range of equipment for their own works which include complete new builds, renovation of old buildings & repair and maintenance of existing properties.

Martin Murphy, co-founder of Leven Homes said; “The new Femac T3 flail is an excellent addition to our attachment arsenal. We’ve used it in all materials and not been beaten yet. The new HF2 Heavy Duty hammers on the flail are excellent, easy to dress sharp again with a cordless grinder too.”

Built in Italy the Femac range offers flails for 1t excavators to forestry mulchers for upto 30t excavators. The Femac T3 is supplied by us with an anticavitation valve, removing the need for a drainline and allowing the flail to be mounted on any excavator with a single acting hammer line. Both flails were supplied with Hoses, Bracket and Couplings #ReadyToWork as usual... 

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