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2021 has been a busy year for post drivers of all types, early in the year we spent considerable time fine tuning our breaker/post driver combination, Hadden Farm Services in Airdrie were one of the first customers to try it out.

As a contractor, Hadden Farm Services carry out a wide range of works. Often called upon to install new fencing and repair old fencing across Lanarkshire, proprietor Kenny Hadden saw the the benefit of mounting a post driver onto his excavators rather than one of his many John Deere tractors. The benefits are a plenty but the key ones were that a breaker/post driver on an excavator frees up a more expensive asset (tractor) to do other work, and that a breaker can do two things.... Break Rock and Hammer Posts in!

We considered the excavators available and specified the FRD FX55s which features best in class power-to-weight ratio, and our improved bracket system which serves to keep the post cup in the operators line of sight as well as give better balance and a vastly improved working envelope.

Naturally we supplied this with one of our custom single piece post cups, much safer and more reliable than a two piece cup! These are manufactured to order, we can design and manufacture these for ANY brand of breaker and to suit any application.

This combination offers more flexibility and maneuverability on all sites and ground types. Typically this can be found driving strainers, turners and 3x3 posts for stock fencing, where conditions are tougher a rock spike can be inserted in place of the post cup, the poerator can then pre punch pilot holes to make for an easier day on the machine. 

Innovation never stops at HHH, our latest design features storage for all working tools, height gauge for post driving and we're keen to convert your own ideas into reality too.

Contractors looking to consider this setup can contact us any time on 01463 210421, we'll be happy to take you through the process of specifying the perfect setup for your application. 


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