It's Furukawa power for Jarvie Plant

"Where Experience Counts"

HHH Equipment has sealed a deal to supply a significant number of breakers to Jarvie Plant Group to be distributed across its rental operations in Scotland and England.

Jarvie Plant was established in 1960 by John Jarvie Snr and by 1975 the business had diversified into supplying everything from weld sets to coal conveyors and even took the first telehandler to Scotland. Fast forward to 2021 and Jarvie Plant Group now boasts Plant, Vehicle and Accomodation from its depots in Grangemouth, Cowdenbeath, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Irvine, Paisley, Dundee, Aberdeen and Manchester.

The significant investment into FRD Furukawa came as a result of offering the best performance, lowest lifetime cost of ownership and superior service. With HHH offering a service that can be relied upon for consumables and acting as a rehire partner to Jarvie Plant for when they have an abnormal surge in breaker demand. 

Supplying hammers to a client like this requires intricate knowledge of their operation, their customers and their expectations. One of the Innovations we have implimented as a result of our understanding is a multi-machine bracket with built in pin storage. No longer does the Jarvie yard team need to swap heavy brackets and look for the correct pins, it's all on the breaker which saves time and ultimately money. It's #WhereExperienceCounts.

HHH took care of branding the new hammers up and delivering each order direct to the deopot required as well as putting together a comprehensive consumables package for holding at Jarvie Plants Grangemouth HQ.

Speaking about the contract, Callum Mackintosh, founder of HHH Equipment, said: “I am delighted to be working with the team at Jarvie Plant Group. We have a lot of synergies between our two businesses, not least our commitment to investing in the
best equipment and delivering the very best customer service. I am looking forward to developing a strong relationship with Jarvie Plant Group.”

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