Xcentric Ripper

Hydraulic attachment for excavators

The Xcentric Ripper is a hydraulic attachment for excavators, developed with a patented system of “Impact Technology by accumulation of energy”, which makes it in 80% of work applications, more productive than any hydraulic hammer available in the market.

Made entirely of anti-wear steel, it is virtually maintenance free and less noisy than any other digging tool. It can be used underwater without any risk of being damaged and is adaptable to countless workplaces.

Among its main applications are:

  • Excavation in quarries
  • Construction
  • Ditches
  • Permafrost
  • In tunnels
  • For demolition
  • For recycling (slags)
  • In mining
  • Any work under water.

Mining Series

Xcentric Ripper has developed a new series of high performance machines. Denominated as “Mining Series”, they are focused to be used in mining, where the highest production values are required, as well as continuous work shifts, where the reliability and comfort of working with the excavator are of vital importance.

The working technology is basically the same as in the standard version, but not the mechanics, which has been reinforced to achieve a greater impact at a lower frequency. We guarantee that its use will not leave you indifferent, as well as 2 years warranty.

  • Economic alternative for Drilling and Blasting
  • Higher Safety
  • Less Disturbance of the surroundings
  • Better performance
  • Easy to operate
  • No Daily Lubrication
  • Higher production than hydraulic hammers
  • Low maintenance
  • Marine/under water operation with no modification.
Technical Specification XR22 Xr32 XR42 XR52 XR82 XR122
Excavator weight (tons) 18-23 24-32 32-40 40-55 70-90 100-140
Ripper operating weight (kg) 2.500 3.700 4.200 4.900 10.000 15.000
Hydraulic working pressure (MPa) 16 24 24 28 30 30
Hydraulic oil flow (L/min) 160 190 210 270 420 500
Frequency (1/min) 900 1.100 1.100 1.100 700 600
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