Riddle Bucket

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HHH have a range of heavy duty Riddle Buckets available to hire for excavators from 5t to 35t. 

All buckets are easilly palletised for next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

  • Hardox construction
  • Full range from 5t to 35t
  • Interchangeable brackets
  • Gap widths of 75mm and 10mm
  • Custom builds available for special projects
RB5-8 3" 900mm S40/45/50 - MS10 - UK style
RB12-16 3" or 4" 1200mm S60 & UK style pickup
RB18-25 3" or 4" 1500mm S60/70/80 & UK style pickup
RB30-40 4" or 6" 1800mm S80/90 & UK style pickup


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